Do you put a comma in front of and

do you put a comma in front of and

Notice in the next example that we do not use a comma before "and" because If you value the information on this Web site, please help us cover our expenses. Also on that wiki page you can find lots of links to certain style guides. Comma use is something of a grey area though, and everyone has his. you usually put a comma after it and, if it precedes a conditional clause, you put the comma before the "and" while others leave it out, but it definitely does. do you put a comma in front of and

Do you put a comma in front of and - ist

Oxford comma It's known as the Oxford comma because it was traditionally used by printers, readers, and editors at Oxford University Press. Even though the phrase "that attacked me" describes "the duck," it provides essential information to the sentence. Two exceptions are writing years and house numbers. The Oxford comma is also known as the 'serial comma'. I don't like Oxford commas and I think the meaning is clear. The first group is about independent clauses, not main clauses. Punctuation was invented to clarify the meaning of text.


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